Happy New Year!

New year new me and shit.

Well, I was more hoping for a new year old situation. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that 2021 would magically bring things back to normal. That immediately the clock struck twelve we would be over the hump and finally free from the virus. I wrote off 2020 from the moment summer was canceled. I simply couldn’t wait for the year to be over. I actually imagined everyone taking to the streets, mask free, and hugging each other like a war had just been announced over and won. People giving high fives, smiling at each other, and even giving a respectful nod to one another on the street for the next month or so, that said we went through that tough shit and now it’s over. We made it to the other side. But here we are, 2020 well and truly over but things have gotten progressively worse. 

Let’s keep holding the faith, shall we? 

Yes I know there is now a new strand that is proving even more vicious, but let’s look on the bright side… erm… well… We can still work from home. That’s good, right?

I am still on the path to trying to better myself, hence this second post coming right on time. I have decided to try and learn a new language this year. I’m hoping to commit just fifteen minutes a day and see how far that gets me. They say learning a new language is not as hard as it seems so cheers to giving it a go! The language of choice, for now, is German. Of course, being the over-ambitious kind, I didn’t just pick one language, I have a whole list of languages I would like to learn in the next five years. I have a five-year plan for languages and depending on how this year goes, that plan may be torn to shreds or, in a mad reality, be actually accomplished. I’m hoping this blog keeps me accountable, so by mouthing off about it, maybe I’ll be too embarrassed to simply call the whole thing off. I’m hoping publishing this goal gives me the fuel I need when my passion for the new task wavers. 

I saw these twins on youtube (Matthew and Micheal) that can speak over ten languages, and they are very young. My mouth was literally open as I heard them speak, rather fluently, all these languages like they were nothing. It made me think, yeah, sure, I can do that. Hence this challenge. I doubt they accomplished this in just fifteen minutes a day but I figure I need to keep my intended time commitment low and manageable so I don’t get too overwhelmed. 

So there it is. I took my first step today. I’ve done my fifteen minutes and feel great. Guten Tag everyone! I only have 359 days to go. How hard can that be right?  Yeah, I’m shaking. Nervous that this hill might be a bit too high for me to climb but I’m still going to give it a proper go.

I hope the rest of your week goes well, and hopefully, you are back here next week!

Do you have any crazy new year’s resolutions?

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