Actual gifts or Vouchers?

Let’s talk about actual gifts versus vouchers. Is there a difference between the two?

We just went through the Christmas period, the most expensive gift-giving and rewarding period of the year, so I was thinking about the debate on whether or not vouchers are just lazy and should not be an acceptable gift. I personally love vouchers and think they make the best gift because you are essentially giving someone money and saying ‘do with it whatever you want’. Everyone has stuff they’re dealing with or stuff that they want to do and maybe haven’t told you about it yet. Every penny goes a long way, and this way, said person can actually use the money you give them to buy something they genuinely need. You would probably be impacting their lives even more meaningfully with a voucher than an actual gift. 

This doesn’t mean I hate physical gifts, because obviously time and effort have been put into it, and it’s truly the thought that counts. You have to go out on the street looking for something based on the knowledge you have about this person, or in the case of a lockdown, you go online and you search for the perfect gift for whoever you’re gifting it to. It takes a lot of time and mental energy and there is a level of emotional fulfillment that comes with giving a gift. 

I really wanted a voucher for my Christmas and I made it very clear that I wanted to get a voucher from Santa. The physical gifts I got were brilliant and I loved them, I could see the thought that went into them. However, I have to say, the voucher I got was just amazing. Like I said before, I am getting into writing and there are more books to buy on plots and novel writing techniques that are very important to help me gain more knowledge on how to go about doing this stuff in the most efficient way and just how to grow as a writer. Because of this, I wanted an Amazon voucher. Even if it’s an investment in myself, I want to pace myself on how much I am buying. Being a writer is a participation sport, you have to participate and read more if you want to write better. Practice makes perfect but you also have to read widely to help with your own voice and how to tell stories. All I’m saying is that I was thrilled when I got a voucher because I used it to buy specific books that I may have bought later in the year, but I was able to tell this person, ‘thank you so much for the vouchers this is exactly what I bought with it.’ 

I know it is the just beginning of the year and I got it at Christmas, but so far it has impacted my life so much. I used the money to invest in myself and it’s been great. So what I’m saying is; in the debate between voucher or actual gifts, I definitely prefer vouchers. I know a lot of people prefer actual gifts. Maybe it’s because of the stage of life I’m in, and wanting to invest more in myself. 

Whether you get an actual gift or a voucher it’s always nice to be thought about. Even if it was a thoughtless throwing-money-at-you situation, what you use the money for can turn that thoughtlessness into the biggest grand gesture. So, let me know what it is for you. Do you prefer actual physical gifts or are you a voucher person like me? 

Thank you again for stopping by and reading my weekly thoughts and I really hope you are back here again next week Wednesday to join me in whatever I’m going on about next week.

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