Leaving your job for your passion?

This week is a bit of a rant. I was watching a video on writing techniques and one of the comments below was someone stating that they were thinking of leaving their job to pursue writing full time. In life, one of the only things I think you have to monkey-bar is jobs. You shouldn’t fully move onto the next till you have a firm grip of it first. You can’t just leave the rope you’re holding on to and just jump in the air and hope that fate makes sure that you get hold of another rope. Instead, you need to monkey-bar it. 

With writing, yes there are many people that publish their first work ever and blow up. But for that one person, there are so many people that it takes almost ten years to get to a stage where they’re making the same as their regular income. While I think following your passion is great, doing so on the side is a sensible way to start because you can get that fulfillment you want and that nice feeling of doing what you’re really passionate about without leaving your financial security.

I understand the idea of giving yourself the right incentives and pushing yourself to the point where you have no other choice but to find a way to succeed, but not when you are playing with your ability to meet all your financial responsibilities. Following your passion without thinking things through properly is just foolishness actually. Surely you need to succeed to an extent first before jumping ship.

I like writing and drawing but I know that it’s not bringing in full-time income right now and it would be crazy to just put all my eggs in this basket. Most of the time, passion projects like artistic work don’t actually pay for your living and it may take a long time for you to get there. Either way, before anyone jumps ship, meaning leave a steady income to move into their passion, I feel like it’s common sense to wait till your passion project is bringing in at least just under your current income. Because you don’t know how long it’s going to take for you to make it. Some people go into writing and only start making money after their third or even tenth book releases so it’s not something that is guaranteed pay. 

I’m now partly convinced that the comment isn’t real or the person was just joking. in real life most people that want to be actors, writers, or painters have another job that pays them a steady income till the other thing kicks off. I can’t imagine any sane human being that would actually leave their full-time job that provides the monthly income that they need to buy groceries and pay for shelter. All these things don’t just come to you without money. I hope no one actually leaves their job without any backup plan. You may need to go through your savings, but again, it can take like ten years. Who has ten years’ worth of savings lying around? Nah! take several seats. 

Thank you for coming back this week and being with me on this rant. Let me know what you thought about this topic. I hope you come by again next week Wednesday, have a great rest of the week.

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