What are you doing for lent?

Hey hey, and welcome back to my blog. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and Valentine’s day!

I had a proper indulgent day yesterday, hence my featured image today. It’s great to have a period of time each year to press reset or have another go at starting the year on the right foot. I love lent and the feeling of giving up stuff. Knowing that it’s a global thing that you get to do with billions of people helps with the motivation to stay the course and see it through. With lent you don’t just have to give stuff up, you can also add that you struggle to do daily, like pray more, or have more silent periods, or read the bible more. You could also or remove other non-food things like spending less time on social media. Whatever it is you choose to do, I wish you all the luck in the world. It’s a really long period and it can get quite difficult to keep to your plan, but don’t worry we are all in this together.

For a more spiritual take on Lent, I would highly recommend Fr mike Schmitz.

Have a great rest of the week thank you for reading this post and hopefully see you here again next week Wednesday.

PS as usual the illustrations featured on my blog are all on my Etsy and Teespring stores.

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