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I previously mentioned that I have started writing. I went online and tried a few sources to educate myself on the process and how to go about writing a novel or short story. I have tried Masterclass and Youtube and decided to do a sort of a review that may be helpful to someone trying to learn something new and thinking of which one to go for.

You can find just about anything on youtube now, including lectures on anything you want to learn. You can learn new recipes, learn how to play musical instruments, or like me, learn what you need to know before you start writing. The range of videos on that platform is vast and seems infinite. So it presents the perfect free option to learn whatever you want to and to explore your passion or expand your knowledge on things you are interested in. Each class teaches you something specific and tangible.

Masterclass, on the other hand, has lectures by people that have gained worldwide recognition for their skill. It is taught by famous celebrities that have absolutely crushed it in their field. Masterclass feels like a very long interview. It’s like the perfect interview that they would love to have, where they can just talk about their work process and nothing else. No questions relating to who they are dating, who they are attracted to, details about their kids, or family life. They can just geek out on what they are very passionate about and talk for as long as they want to on the subject. The best classes I found for writing were Shonda Rimes, Dan Brown, and RL Stine. 

I think the main plus for Masterclass is that they feature people that have actually succeeded in the field. There is a level of inspiration that comes with hearing someone like that speak. When I watch a writing class from James Patterson, I may not have gotten any tangible advice in that particular class but I get filled with the motivation and passion to write. However, classes on masterclass are, most often than not, very broad and in rare cases, you only leave with a few tangible pieces of advice that you can actually implement when trying to do the same thing.

Overall, I do prefer Youtube above all because not only are there tens of people teaching the same thing and doing so in different ways so you are able to pick what works for you, but also it is free. There are some things that paying more doesn’t necessarily translate to getting better quality, and I think this is the perfect scenario that shows that.

Have an amazing rest of the week and hopefully see you back here again next week Wednesday. 

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