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Today I would like to talk about Limitless. I don’t mean the movie starring Bradley Cooper, but the book by Jim Kwik. It’s so much better than the movie which I think was glorifying pills like Adderall. In the movie, there’s this magic pill that makes you limitless. As well made as the movie was, it definitely felt like it was promoting drugs, which was off-putting. 

I love how Jim Kwik took that name and showed it how it was meant to be portrayed, which is; completely and utterly inspirational. I loved his book and how he goes on about people being able to make themselves limitless with their brains and basically showing you that you can achieve more than you think you can. We have the brainpower to be limitless and if you set your mind to it you can do it. However, I have to admit that the book does go on and on about the same thing, over and over again. I think it may be some sort of re-enforcement technique that a lot of self-help books use to make sure that the message hopefully gets drummed into us and help us believe it more. This way it’s registered in your subconscious. I  would encourage anyone to get the book if anything just to give you the pick up you may need from time to time. It’s great if you need that encouraging pat on your shoulder and reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

I like how Jim Kwik kept stating that we can all be superheroes and we all have this superpower, which is the brain. How some of us ignore it or don’t know its capabilities, while others are aware of it and putting it to good use. He encourages you to try to harness that power of your brain. He explains how you can overcome any misconceptions you might have had about yourself in the past or any limits you or other people might have put on you. He talks about how you can look beyond bad labels. Believing in yourself is such a powerful thing. It can absolutely change your life but it’s also this really difficult thing to do that’s easier said than done.

You might believe in yourself today but then tomorrow you’re like Oh my gosh I’m useless. Constantly being in that space of belief and constantly knowing that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve is difficult. I feel like this book is a nice reinforcement of that because of the kind of effect it can have on you if you let it. Also, you can write whatever motivational stuff you need to remind yourself on a post-it note and stick it around your house.

This post is essentially a review of the book, which I definitely recommend getting. However, I also feel like his YouTube channel goes on about the same stuff, so you can easily tap into that motivational, encouragement stuff about your brain and what it’s capable of. I like how Jim Kwik says we can all be superheroes and our superpower is our brain. He talks about the brain in the sexiest way. That it’s this thing that you have and might as well use it to the best of your ability. He promotes reading a lot and how a lot of the world’s billionaires have this in common. It is sometimes hard to find the time to commit to reading, with all the other responsibilities in our lives, like; Work, family, and the rest. Also, sometimes you just want to relax and maybe just chill with some Netflix marathon. But, the way he speaks about the role reading plays in expanding our brains, reinforces reading as this vital thing that we shouldn’t neglect.

 Jim Kwik is essentially saying… You are limitless and this is how you can achieve the level of limitless that Bradley Cooper did in the movie without a pill.

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