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Learn For Free On YouTube

Hi everyone I hope you’ve had a great week so far. If you’ve been here before, you know I’ve been learning a lot from YouTube. I especially like videos that dissect books and films to see what works in stories and what doesn’t. Although I don’t write scripts I sometimes listen to lessons on them for tips on story structure which can be applied to any medium. Like I said before (when I compared YouTube to Masterclass), there is a lot of knowledge on the platform, for free, just waiting for anyone interested in learning. So last night, while listening to a Story structure lesson and taking notes, it hit me that I felt like I was in a real class.

I felt like I was in a traditional film studies class at University paying attention and taking notes in my notebook. It brought back that feeling of being a student. I’m going to class for what I want to learn and maybe hopefully do for a living one day. The only difference is that there are no lecturers that review your work afterward. That’s the sort of feedback I’m missing right now but will definitely get soon. This is something I intend to outsource later, by paying an editor to look at my work after I have edited it as much as I can. Just like any essay at university where you get it done to the best of your ability before submitting it to be graded. The time constraints and deadlines at university also help you not stall the stage of getting your work reviewed properly.

I should also point out that the YouTube videos have benefited me so much more than any book I have bought on these topics. Maybe it’s because I’m a visual learner. Anyway, I think they are complementary but again I favor the videos. It’s like going to class and going to the library or something afterward to read your textbooks. Unlike traditional classes, where once it’s done its done, with YouTube you can watch the same class over and over again. Hence I think the role that the textbook plays takes a back seat because you can just go back to the same lecture whenever you want to. Not buying the books would have helped keep the costs down, making it an even cheaper process of learning. The main cost will come when I hire an editor to look through my work. The total cost is still a lot less than paying for an actual degree which would definitely be in the thousands. Although I do miss the social aspect of going the traditional route and being able to discuss the topics further with peers.

This makes me wonder about all the things you can learn for free without actually needing to go to university for it and the amount of knowledge out there within our grasps. It’s all out there and available for anyone to consume. If one can’t, for some reason, actually go the traditional route this can serve to bridge the gap. Of course, there are some careers that this cannot apply to. For example, no one wants a nurse or doctor without an actual degree, who claims to have instead learned everything they know from watching youtube videos. Nah fam! you have to go to Uni! However, the creative space affords you the opportunity to use a different path to learn the craft. Even if you don’t aim to do it as your full-time job or source of income at least it’s nice to have it as a hobby. 

That’s it from me today!

Thank you for spending time with me and I hope you’ll be back here again next week Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week!

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