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Blue Therapy Review

This week’s topic is a hot mess. I recently saw Blue Therapy, a show on youtube, and to say it got me in my feelings is a huge understatement. I should first say that I suspect and really hope that it is all fake because I really cannot comprehend why any sane person will remain in those relationships. I hope it’s just a fictional show trying to shine a light on what not to have in a relationship. The show is very entertaining. Maybe they are trying to teach people a lesson on self-worth and how to leave a situation that is detrimental to you. That’s just my hope.

Let me start with the first couple; Chioma and Paul. WOW! This is the kind of guy you should keep in prayer, asking God to please not send a Paul your way. The man doesn’t LISTEN! He doesn’t absorb anything! He is honestly a lost cause and she could do so so much better! There are just too many problems and I don’t know why she is anchoring herself to him. What is it all for?? Their wahala is too much to even get into. He is a narcissist and is always gaslighting her. Can we just take a moment to reflect on one of the many rubbish statements Paul made: that the photographer is the brand??? Trying to say that he makes her what she is and that her achievements are due to him? LOL he is sooo deluded! PLS Chioma RUN!!!

He is like a big stubborn baby that refuses to hear anything. He wants to turn her into a homemaker and she has said point-blank that is not what she wants. Lol, she should move out so he can fend for himself as he should. I hope she doesn’t make the terrible mistake of marrying him. Because if she thinks things are bad now, they will only amplify with time. I don’t think the whole therapy session will change anything for him. It’s like talking to a wall. I also hate how he talks about Bkchat like it’s some rotten thing on the side on the road. Yeah, the debates get a bit heated but it’s still entertaining and that’s why so many people watch it. I think there are way more embarrassing shows on TV. Plus, her come-up was from that show, so if anything, respect her journey. 

Unfortunately, Chioma isn’t completely blameless. Yes, his sister doesn’t seem like a nice person and is yet another problem Chioma has in her relationship. And no she shouldn’t be leaving her kids with her that often, especially without having a proper conversation about it first. But calling her a Bitch and saying the word ‘dump’ when referring to her kids was a bit out of line. You don’t call someone you hope to maybe one day be your future sister-in-law that name, and you have to be more delicate when complaining about kids. 

The second couple, Deborah and Jamel, have their own issues too. O.M.G. her princess syndrome is REAL! I honestly have never met someone like this in real life. She wants all the gifts and wants to be taken care of by someone else, and demands it. Wow! If you want something, how about saving up and buying it yourself. A guy like that shouldn’t be with her. Jamel is trying to save for a house and she wants him to spend his downpayment on bags?! Excuse you! The crazy thing is she equates this whole buy anything I want for me bullshit to how manly a guy is? Like what?  

On the other hand, she has made it clear what she wants and I think if he cannot meet her needs then maybe he should find someone else. Don’t lure someone into a relationship with the intention to change them or hope that they morph into the person you want them to be later on. She likes herself the way she is. If you cannot provide what she wants then move on. There is no one forcing him to be in that relationship. She has shown him who she is and that she isn’t interested in changing, so why carry that headache.

And as for the guy, he is sometimes really stubborn and makes little things much bigger than they are. For example when she brought up the whole thing with him chatting to a lady when they were out together and he didn’t want to say who the lady was. The therapist asked him and he answered the question. He could have ended the whole wahala by just answering that simple question when Deborah asked. 

Like I said before, I hope it is all fake and they are trying to teach us a very valuable lesson. It can honestly serve as a wake-up call for people. I just hope they take time out to explicitly say “please don’t be in these types of relationships!”

P.S. imagine taking a drink every time Paul says “hhmmm” I’m sure if anyone does their memory would be too damaged to be able to tell the tail LOL. (p.p.s please don’t do this.)

If you have watched the show, I would appreciate it if you could share your views on it in the comment section below.


1st June 2021 at 15:08

Yaaassss! I hope it’s a fake and cautionary show.

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