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A Great Excuse

Anyone can find an excuse to avoid doing something they don’t want to. ‘I don’t have enough time,’ is the most popular excuse everyone uses. It’s somewhat valid, as we have only twenty-four hours in a day. You have your life to live. You are probably working hard and going through the motions of your day-to-day life. After working tirelessly for maybe 8 hours a day, five days a week, it’s perfectly reasonable to not want to or lack the motivation to work on anything else. Whether that something else is working out or a hobby or studying/learning a new skill or simply trying your hand at something you think might pay off in the future. It’s understandable to just want to chill. 

Work takes up so much of our lives. When you think of it, 8 hours for five days a week is truly a long time, and the thought of doing anything else that doesn’t involve the pleasure of sitting down on your sofa or lying in bed streaming Netflix or Prime isn’t attractive. You may think doing anything other than relaxing is just making life miserable. However, you know your future self would thank you.

Doing a little bit each day will get you far. I regret not using the time I had in the past as productively as I could have no matter how tired I was. That regret is what’s powering me now. It motivates me to do more and see each day as an opportunity to get that bit closer to achieving my dreams. I see today as an opportunity to help me of a year or five years’ time to say ‘thank you for putting in the work.’ I’m thinking, if I don’t put in the time now, even when I feel tired and just want to unwind, if I don’t reduce my sleep (by just an hour or two) now to squeeze out more time to be productive towards whatever I want to achieve, then my future self will be regretting today and the time I haven’t spent to move forward in achieving whatever goal. 

This is why I like vision boards, it’s not just fantasizing about what you want, it’s a way of looking at the future and seeing that you could have those things if you do just a little bit right now. Dedicating 2 or 3 hours today gets you closer to achieving what you want and closer to your vision board being a reality. For you to get there you know that you have to put in the work right now, you have to call bullshit to that excuse about not having time. The future you want is counting on you of today to put in the work. 

People also say ‘life is short,’ and ‘you could die anytime,’ but guess what, you could also die in ten or twenty years’ time. You could also have so many years of living in regret and feeling unhappy that you didn’t put in the work in the past. You don’t want your time to be miserable and filled with regret. Instead, you can look back and say ‘whether or not I achieved that goal at least I put in the work. At least I tried.’ Give yourself the Peace of Mind knowing that you actually did try. Trying is consistently putting in the effort for a long period of time. Whether or not it works out, you could be satisfied with the knowledge that you tried. 

So yes, there isn’t enough time to do everything but when you’re thinking of all these excuses just think of your future self and how much that person would appreciate you for all the effort and sacrifices you made, for all the work you put into making their life easier or happier or more fulfilled. I would recommend having some kind of picture or even a post-it note to remind yourself to bin the excuses and push past them. Having that one thing to remind yourself that you’re doing this for the future you could make a big difference. A lot of things in life that are good take time to accomplish, if you don’t start putting in the time now, how do you expect to get there? Not everyone has a one-second viral thing that is super successful after putting in just two hours of work. There is no way around it, you need to put in the time. Working hard also makes the joy and fulfillment of achieving it even greater. 

I hope this has motivated you to put in the work. I know it’s hard but try not to listen to the ‘you don’t have time’ excuse and be more open to that part of your brain that is trying to figure out where you can find time to do the things you need/want to do. 

Good luck in your endeavors and I hope that our future selves get to experience that joy, happiness, and fulfillment that we’re working towards today.

Thank you for spending time with me today and I hope you’ll be back here again next week Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week!

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