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Healthy Summer Drinks

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far.

We are currently experiencing a heatwave. Anytime the sun comes out my immediate reaction is to run over to Tesco’s and buy a huge box of ice cream cones and millions of cans of cokes. It’s just what you do in summer. I can get my buddy summer-ready in the winter but when the sun comes out the will to keep going with a diet is extremely difficult for me to handle. So yes, I have indulged in my fair share of ice cream and cans of fizzy drinks. But I am well aware that this is no way to live. Hence in a bid To shift my cravings towards a healthier option, and to survive summer without adding another 100 kilogrammes in weight I have been looking into what other cooling indulging drinks I could have instead. so here are my healthier alternatives to fizzy drinks.

Let’s start with infusers by Twinings. I think I have mentioned this before in a previous blog post. They come in a wide range of flavours so you can alternate if you want to. My favourite is Rose Lemonade. You can get them from your local store or from Amazon. They infuse your cold water with a nice flavour that also has a hint of sweetness to it. I find this a great alternative to coke. Also, it’s certainly a much more calorie affordable option. Taking it chilled with a few ice cubes will not only keep you well hydrated all through summer and the occasional heatwave but it will also make sure you are not drinking a tonne of calories that would no doubt prove stubborn to get rid of later.

Another great alternative is the classic Ice Tea. You could make this by simply brewing several tea bags in hot water and later adding a bit of sugar to it. You do have to wait for it to cool down before adding some ice cubes. But it would taste great and be a lot better for you than coke. I keep saying coke because that is my choice of indulgence. But I am referring to any fizzy drink that is packed with sugary calories. Still, on the topic of teas, you could also use any herbal tea or preferably fruit tea to make really delicious cooling summer drinks. My favourites are any mixed berry teas. This is also a much cheaper alternative to the Twining infusers. And depending on the tea you buy it may actually taste better. The only thing is that the Twinings brand infusers are a bit sweeter so if you are missing the kick of sugar you can add a tiny bit of sugar to it. But be careful to not add a lot because it removes the benefits of switching from fizzy drinks. We’re trying to get delicious alternatives here. Iced coffee is also a great alternative. If you are a daily coffee drinker there is no doubt that you would have switched to the ice version already.

Furthermore, another suggestion is homemade fruit juice. A lot of store-bought fruit juice has loads of added sugar. At least with the fruit juice, you make at home you know the only sugary component is that which is coming from the actual fruit. The juice can also be used to make homemade ice lollies. Or delicious infusers to your water. So you don’t drink that much sugar in one go. You only get a hint of the juice in the water which is great.

These are simply suggestions that you can consider if you are looking for anything else to have.  If you’re trying to cut back on fizzy drinks and thinking of worthy alternatives. This post is really mostly for me lol. This is a great way to increase your water intake and keep you hydrated without getting bored of drinking water or stressing your body with all the sugar that fizzy drinks contain.

P.s. the featured image is a #drawthisinyourstylechallenge I’m participating in on Instagram.

P.p.s I love summer but sometimes the heat is just too much. I just want to stay indoors in my bed with an air conditioner on. I definitely don’t feel the need to run out and sunbathe.

P.p.p.s another thing about summer that I really hate are flies. They are everywhere. You open your windows for two seconds to let in some cool air and like five of them rush in. Maybe to also get a break from the heat. It’s a dilemma. You either suffocate in a hot room or battle the flies that rush in when you open the windows.

I finally have a guest post coming on Friday! YAY! I hope you come back to enjoy the piece! (and if you are interested in writing a guest post for my blog, please send me a message on Instagram. @adakus_corner.

Thank you for spending time with me today. Have a great rest of the week!

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