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Yes To A Nourished You

To be given free reign of a topic to write about can be a bit daunting as there’s so much one can talk about on the subject of health and fitness.

First, let me warn you, I’m not going to advocate the best diet to go by or the best workout to lose that mum tum. I used to live that life – it’s exhausting and I do not wish for anyone to live it (if you enjoy it then I’m really glad it works for you).

What if though you really wanted to improve how you eat and wanted to shift some weight? What realistically works?
Isn’t that what we all tend to worry about?
I’ll share my thoughts based on my 13 years experience as a gym rat and 3 years as a personal trainer.

Every human body is different. So very different- the sooner one accepts this, the easier progress can be made. This is why there exists a myriad range of diets, diet books, workout types, fitness gurus, simply to cater to the wide range of human bodies that exist.

You then have to decide why you want changes to occur. If your why is not compelling enough, you’re likely to stray and stay strayed. It could be to fit into clothes you’ve coveted for a while, or to keep those IBS symptoms away, or to have more energy. What’s your why?
It’s okay if it’s a vain one. It just has to be very compelling. Figure it out, write it, and put it somewhere you’ll see every day.
I love to fit in the same clothes that I’ve had for the past 5/6 years simply because I don’t enjoy shopping and it’s hard to find clothes I like and feel comfortable in. So one of my reasons for staying healthy is to keep the same clothes for as long as possible. I’ve had the same gym gear for example for the past 12 years 🙈. No need to fix what’s not broken.

Be more aware. This is key. You need to be aware of what you put in your mouth, including your children’s leftovers. I’m guilty of this sometimes. Be more aware of your body’s signals too. Are you actually hungry or bored hungry or tired hungry? Which is it? Learn your signals and find alternative ways to feed the artificial hunger. At one point in my life I took to brushing my teeth so that I would be put off tired eating. It worked. Go for a walk if bored or call a trusted friend to focus your mind away from food.

Move more and move better. Movement offers its own nutrition to the body. Our DNA responds to movement. Our human bodies were designed to move. Our joints exist for example because they were useful and helped our ancestors survive (climbing trees to escape predators required really flexible feet hence our 33 joints in one foot for example). Today’s world unfortunately has taken away the need to move as much but we still have the same bodies that require movement. Our ancestors climbed, walked for miles, obtained their food physically, and slept on a variety of surfaces to list some examples of movement. Technology and innovation are great but it has left us with poor bodies. Even gym goers suffer. Back and knee ache anyone?
When people think about exercise, most people think of the gym. What if I told you you don’t need the gym? Or that HITT workout is probably doing more long-term damage than good to your joints? What should you do instead?
Slowly get rid of any heeled shoes you have. Or spend less time in them if this is too drastic a change to make.
Walk everywhere. That drive that takes you five minutes? Find out how you can walk it instead.
Stretch your calf muscles everyday.
Reach your hands above your head daily.
Aim to learn how to climb a tree or hang from a branch. Your body will thank you for it when you’re much older.

Age is truly just a number, not an excuse.

When is the best time to make any positive change? Now. While you’re reading this.
How? Well, you can read and do a calf stretch at the same time. Now you’re being time effective. No need to allocate special time to move. You just did while reading this post.

Good luck with your journey to a better nourished you.

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