The Last Push

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far.

Hope you have all had a great year so far. I am so pleased to say that I completed Nanowrimo this year. This was my first time doing it and I fully intend to do it again next year. Unfortunately the project I’m working on needs a lot more than 50,000 words so I need to continue it this month. My aim now is to make sure it is completed this year.

I really enjoyed the experience. Just knowing that there’s a whole community of people doing this challenge with me felt great. I felt like I wasn’t alone. So the sense of community is definitely strong.  I also did a couple of Write With Me sessions on YouTube which helped a lot. It’s definitely a challenge I would encourage anyone to do and it doesn’t even have to be for a novel it can be a script, poetry, essay, or even a dissertation. It’s a great challenge and like I said before I fully intend to take part in it next year as well.

There were a lot of times I wanted to give up on the project or just didn’t feel enough enthusiasm or passion to write but I forced myself to get words on a page. Doing a challenge definitely motivates you to keep going. But then again I don’t know if it also stifles your creativity. Knowing that you only have a short period of time to write your first draft might mean that you don’t explore the topic you’re working on to the fullest extent. especially if you didn’t do Preptoba (using the whole month of October to prepare to write). Things like the outline and other details about the novel are supposed to be formed in October. Unfortunately, I only did it for a week in October before starting to write in November. However, I did make sure I was thinking about my novel a lot during the day to get the enthusiasm to sit down and write.

 I can’t believe the year is ending and this is literally the last month we have of 2021! I hope this year has proved to be much more than you expected. We have one 31 more days to make this year what we want, to achieve whatever we intended for 2021. This year has been great for me because I wrote a lot of first drafts. I used to feel a lot of stress and anxiety about the thought of writing so many words for a novel and this year I’m glad that I conquered that fear. My next fear or topic of anxiety is the editing process which I hope to tackle next year.

 I wish you all a very happy Christmas and an amazing new year ahead. Have a very productive month and see you in 2022!!

Thank you for spending time with me today and I hope you’ll be back here again on the first Wednesday of next month. Have a great rest of the week!

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